Called to serve outside their country of origin, as pastors, teachers, church planters, and evangelists, These are our missionaries in service throughout the globe
  • We are so grateful to all our friends from Latvia, England and USA for intercession, encouragement and financial help.
  • We are grateful that in the beginning of April we had an opportunity to attend a wonderful missions conference in Poland
  • We are grateful that on Friday nights we can have youth nights, two times a week Christian studies at school, two times a week floorball practice for boys, girl’s nights on Tuesday evenings and two times a month small groups and time of fellowship.
  • We are grateful that during winter school holidays we could organize camp for teenagers “Into the Goal” at Norkalni camp center. The moto of the camp was “It is better to give than to receive”. We emphasized three values – humility, mercy, and giving.
Prayer Requests

For a new home for our family

For a new home for our teammates – Svitka family (they have to leave their rented apartment by June)

For future ministry in Ropazi or another place, may God guide us and show us the way we have to travel on

For God’s blessing and wisdom, sufficient financial support and forming a good team as we organize Family celebration, VBS and Youth Camp

The Warrington Family
  • During our Teach-to-Transform (TTT) medical trainings in Southeast Asia, 150 national believers were armed with medical tools to help them share the gospel
Prayer Requests

Pray for Paul as he leads the effort to engage all the remaining unreached in Africa, South America & the Caribbean

Pray for Paul’s new work in North Africa among Muslims

Pray for Jen as she directs medical outreach at East-West, that this will be a tool to opens doors for the gospel in dark places

Pray for our children to continue to find community in Texas

Ask the Lord to bring us more team members who will join us tosacrifice to take the gospel everywhere it currently is not

For a strong, godly marriage and family, and children who run hard after Jesus