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Revelation 21: Look! I am making everything new!
Jeff Evans
Jeff Evans
Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Revelation 21:1-27 (NLT)
1. After the millennial kingdom, God will create a new heaven, a new earth and a
new ______________________.
Revelation 3:12 (NLT)
Isaiah 65:17-19 (NLT)
Hebrews 11:10 (NLT)

2. God recreates in Revelation what ______________ destroyed in Genesis.
(From Warren Wiersbe)
Genesis Revelation
Heavens and earth created, 1:1 New heavens and earth, 21:1
Sun created, 1:16 No need of the sun, 21:23
The night established, 1:5 No night there, 22:5
The seas created, 1:10 No more seas, 21:1
The curse announced, 3:14-17 No more curse, 22:3
Death enters history, 3:19 No more death, 21:4
Man driven from the tree, 3:24 Man restored to paradise, 22:14
Sorrow and pain begin, 3:17 No more tears or pain, 21:4

3. Today, God gives believers new lives and a new ________________ with Him.
2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)
Romans 5:11 (NLT)

4. While we are waiting for the Lord’s rapture, His millennial kingdom and His
new heavens and new earth, how should we __________________?
2 Peter 3:13-14 (NLT)