Special interest groups meet about once a month. These groups provide an opportunity for all people who share a similar interest to meet and have fun. These groups are all about great fellowship with eachother!

Board meetings take place on a Saturday morning. We leave around 6:00 am and return around noon. All levels are welcome to join.

If interested, contact Greg Brown: (909) 727-2028

All levels are welcome. As a bonus, we are offering a free lunch if you can beat Claudio!

If interested, contact Claudio Medina (909) 957-0286

The more, the merrier! We usually meet at schools in the area on weeknights and Saturdays. Grab your sneakers and come shoot around with us.

If interested, contact Josh Estes (909) 210-8755

If you enjoy taking your young kids to the park, feel free to join us. Bring a blanket, watch the kids play and enjoy the company.

If interested, contact Summer Brown (909) 727-2029